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My Expectations During my Fellowship with USICD by Wike Devi Erianti

October 18, 2018



I’m so thrilled to start my fellowship experience this fall in Washington, DC – United States of America! My name is Wike Devi Erianti, a program officer at Human Rights Working Group (HRWG) in Jakarta, Indonesia. I have been working on human rights issues in Indonesia and ASEAN region for almost four years. The areas of my interests are migrant workers, death penalty, gender, politics, public policy, persons with disabilities, and ASEAN human rights mechanism in order to gain knowledge and experience. The Youth South East Leadership Initiative (YSEALI) program arranged by the American Council for Young Political Leaders (ACYPL) and funded by the US Department of State, placed me at the U.S International Council on Disabilities (USICD) for a month.

My placement with USICD will further advance my advocacy programs in Indonesia and the ASEAN level. For your information, my organization – HRWG is a non-governmental organization  Coalition with more than 50 members across Indonesia’s region working for regional and international human rights advocacy in the UN and ASEAN human rights mechanisms. HRWG envisions the full implementation of international and regional human rights obligations by the Indonesian Government. In doing so, we are conducting programs and projects to enhance the promotion and protection of human rights in Indonesia through ASEAN and UN human rights mechanisms. For instance, HRWG is collaborating with OHANA to submit a joint alternative report for the Committee on the CRPD next year. We are also working closely with the ASEAN Disability Forum (ADF) to advocate for the draft of Enabling Masterplan 2025: Mainstreaming the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in the ASEAN Community, which will be adopted this year in the 33rd ASEAN Summit in Singapore.


In order to acquire self improvement, I would like to learn more knowledge and gain first-hand experience at USICD on several issues regarding persons with disabilities. First, it would be great if I could learn about the establishment of the National Council on Disability and how it works to serve and advise the President, Congress, and other agencies in the US regarding the policy, regulation, practices, and programs affecting persons with disabilities. Once I return to my country, this knowledge would help me to advocate for the establishment of a National Council on Disability in Indonesia.

Second, I also would like to learn how the promotion, protection, and fulfillment of disability rights in the US can occur as they have not ratified the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD). Indonesia has already ratified the CRPD and enacted the Law on Persons with Disabilities though the development process of government regulation is still ongoing and being advocated by local DPOs. Therefore I’m interested to learn how the US has undertaken measures to apply the rights of persons with disabilities stipulated in the CRPD though it has not ratified.

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